Articles Excercise with Answers(All Class)

Truthfulness is (a) – greatest of all (b) — virtues that make (c) – person really great. If you cultivate (d) — habit of speaking (e) — truth, you cannot command (f) — confidence of others. The man whom nobody believes can never be famous in life. It may be that we may succeed once or twice by telling (g) — lie but it never brings about (h) -good results. A lie never lies hidden. Today or tomorrow it comes to light. Then (i) — real character of (j) — liar is revealed and nobody believes him. Everybody hates him and also speak ill of him at the back.

2. Long ago there was (a) – emperor in (b) — China. He increased (c) — taxes very severely. The people of (d) — country were very unhappy and could not afford with (e) — food to eat or tea to drink. They were in (f) — uncomfortable state. But nobody dared to complain to (g) — emperor. One day (h) — wise man was walking with the emperor in the garden of (i) – place. There were dark clouds in (j) – sky.

3. (a) — True friend is (b) — asset to us. He stands by us in (c) – time of danger. He is obviously not (d) — selfish person. He always wishes for (e) — welfare of us. But it is (f) — matter of great regrets that such (g) — ideal friend is very rare nowadays. Many (h) — person may behave like (i) — friends but (j) — few of them might be genuine.

4. There are various noble (a) – qualities which distinguish a good man from a bad man, (b) — aggregate of these qualities of (c) — head and heart constitutes character. A man of character is (d) – real prince among men. He is (e) — beacon light of the grouping humanity and its (f) — surest guide. Such (g) — man is one of the moral forces of the world and morality finds (h) — expression through his words and deeds. Blessed is the nation that possesses (i) — few such men that (j) – country depends most for its all around prosperity.

5. English is (a) – international language. We feel (b) — necessity of learning English at every step. This is (c) – only language of international overseas business, communication, co-operation and (d) – co-existence. It is essential to receive (e) — foreign degree or higher education. All (f) – good jobs need English knowing persons. So every educated man should know how (g) – communicate in English. To learn and develop (h) — skill of English especially for (i) — students is very important .No (j) – student should be ignorant of it.

6. Akbar (a) – Great was one of (b) — greatest emperors of India who ruled this subcontinent for more than 50 years. He was on one side a great ruler and on the other side a man of (c) — wisdom. Among all (d) — Mughal rulers he was (e) – best. As a result his name has been written in the page of (f) — history. Though he was (g) — uneducated person he had (h) – ability to rule (i) — kingdom like (j) — expert ruler.

7. (a) – Cricket is (b) – foreign game in our country. But it is (c) — international game. After winning (d) — ICC Trophy in (e) — Malaysia in 1996 it has become more popular than football in our country. By defeating (f) — Kenya Bangladesh got (g) — first victory in (h) — ODI cricket in 1998. Bangladesh got the taste of winning (i) — test match in January, 2005 defeating (j) — Zimbabwe.

8. A student must take care of his (a) — health because (b) — sound mind lives in (c) — sound body. Good health is (d) — key to success. In order to enjoy good health, (e) — student must observe (f) — rules of health. (g) — unhealthy man may be (h) — possessor of vast (i) — wealth; but he leads (j) –unhappy life.

9. (a) — Discipline is seen in (b) — nature. Every morning (c) — sun rises in (d) — east, day follows (e) — night, birds sing and (f) — plants blossom. Everywhere in (g) — nature, there is (h) — harmony. If There were no discipline in (i) — nature, there would have been (j) — chaos everywhere.

10. Though patriotism is (a) — universal human trait, it is often torn away by (b) — state her. (c) — poor people of (d) — poor country become indifferent to their state affairs and lose (e) — sense of patriotism. Such people would have become as patriotic as (f) — Simon Bolivar or (g) — Abraham Lincoln if they had a caring government or leader who would make their lives a bit easier. (h) — people of (i) — wealthy country simply love their country because the state provides them with everything like shelter, education, job and (j) — security.


1. a) the b) the c) a d) the e) the f) the g) a h) a i) the j) the

2. a) an b) X c) X d) the e) X f) an g) the h) a i) the j) the

3. a) A b) an c) the d) a e) the f) a g) an h) a i) X j) a

4. a) X b) the c) X d) a e) the f) the g) a h) an i) a j) a

5. a) an b) the c) the d) X e) a f) the g) a h) an i) a j) a

6. a) The b) the c) X d) the e) the f) X g) an h) an i) the j) an

7. a) X b) a c) an d) the e) X f) X g) the h) X i) a j) X

8. a) X b) a c) a d) the e) a f) the g) An h) the i) X j) an

9. a) A b) X c) the d) the e) X f) X g) X h) a i) X j) a

10. a) a b) the c) The d) a e) the f) X g) X h) The i) a j) X

Article excercises with Answers(11-15)

11. One day I met (a) — lame man. After talking for a while he showed me (b) — identity card. Seeing (c) — identity card I came to know that he was (d) – university student. After completing his (e) — study he joined (f) – army. During the Liberation War he fought (g) — bravely against (h) –occupied army of the then. West Pakistan. But it is (i) — irony of fate that a bullet of (j) – enemies hit on his leg. Thus he lost his leg.

12. A library is (a) — part and parcel of (b) — educational institution. It is (c) — unique place where books of different subjects are kept for (d) – reading. It enables (e) – readers to read books of their choice that create (f) — enthusiasm for learning. Students should pay (g) — visit to (h) — library regularly. They can borrow books for (i) — certain period and return them after them after (j) — given time.

13. Money cannot buy happiness. Frankly speaking money is (b) — must for our life. But it is not (c) — necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d) — psychological thing. It is (e) – name of (f) – feeling. It means the contentment of (g) – mind. He who is satisfied with what he gets and contents with his life is (h) – really a happy man. Happiness cannot be purchased with (i) — money. No doubt, money has got something to do with (j) — happiness but it cannot give us happiness.

14. Patriotism is a noble (a) — virtue. It inspires (b) — man to shed last drop of blood to defend the freedom of his (c) — country. (d) — Man without patriotism is no better than (e) – beast. A true patriot is honored by (f) – all. He thinks for (g) — welfare of his country. On (h) – other hand (i) – unpatriotic man thinks only of his own interest. Those who die for (j) – country are true patriot.

15. Our life is (a) — sum total of ours days and years. But all days are not equally memorable to us. Most of (b) – days are forgotten with (c) — passage of time. Only (d) – few of these days ever fresh in our memory. My (e) — first day at school is such (f) — day. It is fresh in my mind even now. When I was (g) — boy of six, my father proposed that I should be admitted into (h) – school in (i) — class 1 felt (j) — joy and fear.

Answers 11 to 15

11. a)a, b) an, c) the, d) a, e) X, f) the, g) X, h) the, i) an, j) X
12. a)a, b) an, c) a, d) X, e) the, f) an, g) a, h) the, i) a, j) the
13. a)a, b) X, c) a, d) X, e) the, f) a, g) X, h) X, i) X, j) X
14. a)X, b) a, c) X, d) A, e) a, f) X, g) the, h) the, i) an, j) the
15. a)a, b) the, c) the, d) a, e) X, f) a, g) a, h) X, i) X, j) X