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Sentence Connectors Rules In Bangla

Duties of a student composition

duties of a student

Natural Beauty of Bangladesh Paragraph and composition

Natural Beauty of bangladesh

Sequences of Tenses English Grammar Rules In Bangla

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13 Rues Of Narration Change/ Passage Narration or Speech Change Rules

13 rules of narration change

Gap Filling With Clues and Without Clues In Bangla

15 Articles Exercises with Answers for all class

Rules of Articles -Articles এর সঠিক ব্যবহার

Most Important Email and Letter Suggestion for SSC-2022

SSC-2022 English Short Suggestions(First and Second Paper)

Fill in the gaps with clues and without clues practise.

Causative Verbs কাকে বলে? Causative verbs চেনার উপায় ও ব্যবহারের নিয়ম

Causative Verbs কাকে বলে? Causative verbs চেনার উপায় ও ব্যবহারের নিয়ম

Shortcut Rules For Right Form of Verbs

Right Form of verbs and its Rules In Bangla

Suffix – Prefix এর Shortcut Rules

English Lessons। Suffix - Prefix এর Shortcut Rules

একটি প্যারাগ্রাফ দিয়ে অনেক প্যারাগ্রাফ লেখার নিয়ম।। Model Paragraph।। Magic Paragraph.

মাত্র একটি Dialogue Formate শিখে শতাধিক যে কোন Dialogue লিখুন

একটি মাত্র Application শিখে ২০টি Application লেখার কৌশল

৪টি মাত্র composition শিখে লিখে ফেলুন ২০০টিরও বেশি composition

Simple, complex and compound sentences changing and structures

A chart for changing sentences

Inspite of/ DespiteThoughbut
Because ofAs/Since/BecauseSo/ and so
In order tosothatAnd/andwanto
At the time ofwhenAnd
On the arrival ofwhenand
Without +GerundIf+not/unlessOr/otherwise
In case of + possessive+v1+ingifand
Having + Past participleWhen/asAnd/Since /there fore
Pre Participle (v1+ing)When/Asand
To + infinitivewhenand
Immidiartely after/Just afterAs soon as– – –
Besides being /both – – and– – –Not only- – – but also

Structures of Simple, Complex and compound sentences.

1.Simple: Sub+verb+too+adj+to+verb

Complex: Sub+verb+so+adj/adv+that+2nd sub+can/could+not+Ext

Compound: sub+v+very+adj+and+sub+can/coul+not+v

2.Sim: Sub+verb+to+verb
Coplex: sub+verb+sothat+1st sub +can/could+ to এর পরের অংশ
Compound:sub+v+and+1st sub+can/could++ to এর পরের অংশ
3.Sim: Inspite of/Despite+possessive+noun+,+2nd clause
Coplex: though + subjective of possessive+verb+adj/noun+,+2nd clause
Compound: subjective of possessive+verb+adj/noun+but+2nd clause
4.Sim: Because of+possessive+noun+,+2nd clause
Complex:Since/As+sub+verb+noun/adj+,+2nd clause
Compound: sub+verb+noun/adj+and+2nd clause5. being +  কারন
Complex: As/since+sub+be v/v+adj(কারন)+,+2nd clause
Compound: sub+be v/v+adj(কারন)+and+2nd clause
5.Being+ সময়
When+যে কাজটি আগে ঘটেছিল সেটি+,+ 2nd clause

6. sim: present participle+,+2nd clause

Complex: When+sub+verb+present participle এর পরের শব্দ +,+2nd clause

Copound: sub+verb+other+and+2nd clause

7. sim: perfect participle+v3+adj+,++,+2nd clause

Complex: When+sub(২য় clause এর) +have/has/had+v3+obj++,+2nd clause

Compound: sub(২য় clause এর) + had+v3+obj+and+2nd clause(past ind)

8. Simple: NP+Verb+present participle

Complex: NP+VT+that/which/what/who+sub+AV+present participle

Compound:pre participle এর আগের অংশ + sub+be+v1+ing

9. sim: Sub+verb+adj+noun

Complex: sub+verb+noun+Noun এর Relative pronoun+be verb+Adj

Compound: sub+v+n+and+sub+be v+ adj.

10. Simple: sub+verb+Adj

Complex: if+be verb+sub এর Relative pronoun+verb+adj/noun

11. simple: By+v1+ing+2nd clause

Complex: If+sub+verb+adj/adv/noun+sub+will+v1+ adj/adv/noun

Compound: v1+obj+and+2nd clause

12. sim: without+v1+ing+ext+,+2nd clause(neg)

Complex: if+sub+do/does+not+verb+adj/adv+2nd clause(neg)/ unless+sub+v+Adj/Adv+,+2nd clause

 Compound: v1+adj+or/otherwise+2nd clause(neg)

13. sim:At the time of/on the arrival of+ possessive+noun+,+clause

Coplex: when+sub+verb+other+,+2nd clause

Compound: sub+verb+other+and+2nd clause

14. sim: In case of+sub এরpossesive+ failure to+verb

Complex: if+sub+do/does+not+verb+,+2nd clause

Compound: v1+or+2nd clause

15. sim:sub+berb+just after/immediate after+v1+ing+obj

Complex: Assoon as+ 2nd sub+ 2nd verb+,+1st clause

16. sim: both+adj+and+adj

Complex: It+be verb+sub+who/which/what+verb+both+adj+verb+adj

17.sim:  besides being+adj+,+clause

Complex: It+ be verb+who/which+be+both+adj+and+adj

[N.B being= am,is,are,was,were. Having= have,has,had]

[ be v+adj but have v+v3]

[Relative Pronouns=who,which,when,where,that]

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