1. Fill in the gaps with using the words given bellow the box.


Studies and politics cannot go together. It is (a) — unfortunate matter that money and (b) — attract (c) — students if they are involved (d) — politics. Once politics was associated (e) — social services. A political worker was (f) — social reformer. Students were in (g) — forefront (h) — unifying the people of the country and fighting (i) — the enemies. At present some of the students are exploited (j) — the political parties as their tools and violence.  
Answer: a)                b)                      c)                 d)                     e)                          f)                            g)                 h)                i)                            j)    

1. Fill in the gaps with using the proper words.

Although (a) —– city life has many advantages, a city dweller sometimes gets tired (b) —– it. He cannot attend (c) —– office and other places (d) —– time because (e) —– traffic jam. (f) —– air in the city is polluted (g) —– smoke and (h) —–. besides, he is always busy (i) —– a lot of (j) —–.
Answer: a)          a            b)        of              c)          the          d)                 in             e)        of                  f)                the            g)              by            h) dust                       i)            with                j)   commitment