My Family paragraph

My Family paragraph. Family plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. I have a wonderful family. There are 6 members in my family. It consists of me, my parents, my elder brother, my grandfather and my grandmother. My father Mr Armanul Islam is an engineer. My mother Mrs. Islam is a school teacher. They both take good care of me. My father is the person whome I admire most. He is very hardworking. Sometimes he helps me with my homework in his free time. He teaches us lessons of life. My grandfather is a retired serviceman and my grandmother is a housewife. Both of them are caring and supportive. My grandfather takes me to morning walk every day. She tells me interesting stories. My elder brother is in a university. He is good in studies as well as sports and co-curricular activities.

My Family Paragraph

My Father is very sweet. He always helps me in my studies. My family members are peace-loving people. They never fight with each other. We go for picnics and long drives on holidays.  but We have love and respect for each other. We share our feelings and emotions with each other which strengthens our bonding. Our all Family Members have our meals together. My family teaches me good manners and moral values. They inspire me to move ahead and achieve my life goals. I feel very lucky to be born in a family which has made me a better person.I have a pet dog in my home. His name is Tommy. He is so adorable and cute. I love my family so much. They are the best in the world.
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